TechRadar compares RX1 to FF competition

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Re: TechRadar says RX1 has superb IQ

sean lancaster wrote:

venice wrote:

Their actual conclusion is that IQ is superb. Your original comment is out of context and is misleading in this regard.

I linked to the page I was discussing, which had to do with noise and dynamic range. How can me looking at their charts on the link I provided be out of context of what I was discussing? I stand by my read of the charts. I also agree that the image quality is superb, but that's for another discussion. Cheers.

TechRadar said the RX1 has DR which is similar to the D800. The D800 is widely regarded as having world beating DR.

To say the RX1 has average DR is misleading even with the link provided.

I agree though that the RX1 DR does not look significantly better than the D800.


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