Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

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Re: Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

Zone8 wrote:

Worth noting that many apparent clogs when using a CIS are in fact due to poor ink flow down the tubes and air gaps.

It's the "last" 3 colors in order that are having trouble printing and have 10 to 15% more ink in the bottles than the colors that are printing.  Yellow, Cyan, Magents, Matte Black are already down to 80 ml (from 100), 20% of my ink wasted already! but Photo Black, Blue, and Red are at 90 to 95 ml which shows they aren't getting ink drawn from them.  I can see an air gap in red a couple of places. There are no crinks or kinks or pressure on the tubes.

Take a really close look at your installation (there should be some videos on The fact that you hear that rasping (identified correctly by other poster as tubes being too short so need re-positioning) indicates that could also be the reason for the ink flow problem.

Unfortunately youtube videos and their instructions are from 7 years ago when their system came out and are outdated.  They've changed their system quite a bit and often instructions and the video is no longer correct.  I had to search the web for a photo of a recently finished R1800 in order to see how the tube brackets were supposed to be attached since the bracket(s) change so, so much.

For most installations, the procedure is to first get the printhead moved to the "change cartridge" position - then remove the power supply - NOT just turn the printer off. That then has left the printhead unlocked (it locks in its parked position) so you can slide the printhead side to side = end to end, enabling correct adjustment/location and length for the tubing.

Once satisfied all is working OK, replace the power - the printer will then set itself up correctly again. Just watch when it operates for any potential problem if you have not got the tubing correctly supported = might mean repeating the procedure should there seem to be any movement restrictions. Finally, make sure the tubing is not kinked or perhaps squashed if the top cover is closed and that the supply bottles are on the same level as the printer, thus if printer rests on say a table, the supply bottles stand on the same surface.

And it seems the printer is pulling the tubes as it moves.  I had set the tube position so it could hit the left side just fine but the printer motion has pulled more tubes along preventing it from getting all the way to the left.

The sad, stupid, part is that from the finished R1800 photo I found online, they did not send me a last bracket piece to mount on the printer which lets the tubes move more and may be why the printer is pulling on them.  They sent me a piece of double sided ahdesive, but I cannot us it on the tubes or I'll be unable to open the "cover" to the ink cartridges/dampers.

I do not recommend using Ink Republic CIS - to anyone!  Old outdated directions that were poorly translated from a different language.

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