RX-1 vs. Fuji X-E1: AF comparison

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Re: RX-1 vs. Fuji X-E1: AF comparison

photoshoto wrote:

After struggling with a lot of OOF shots in our xmas party yesterday, I am thinking of returning my precious RX-1 and take the restocking fee hit.

I need to buy something with solid IQ and lens, and thinking of getting the X-E1.

Has anyone had both cameras and compared the AF? Would love to know if the X-E1 performs better, and is more accurate, even if the speed is the same because of CDAF.

Also- when using flexible point focus on the Fuji, is the box small enough to pick an eye on a face from 6-8 feet distance?


My understanding is that the Fuji is notably worse in this regard.

Both my OMD and GH3 have excellent AF.  Fast and accurate.  Many excellent lenses are available for the m4/3's system.

The OMD has terrific in-body image stabilization that works with any lens. The GH3 is a tad quicker at catching focus in really low light.

IQ is very high with either camera. I have sold many large (30") images made with m4/3's cameras.


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