RX100 portrait - can RX1 do it like this?

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Re: RX100 portrait - can RX1 do it like this?

Docno wrote:

I know the RX1 has superior image quality (esp bokeh) but I often like to take casual portraits like the one below. [I know the RX100 is 'just' a pocket cam ... if I want to take a special portrait, I'll haul out my a900]. I'm very much thinking of getting an RX1, but I wonder if the 35mm lens on a FF will not allow me to get portraits this close in without wide-angle distortion.

Would be great if people could share their 'close' portraits here (thanks in advance). I'm still trying to decide if the RX1 would be a step up for me ... I do city and travel shooting, but as I said, I also like the option of being able to do a portrait like this occasionally...

You are definitely a fairly experienced photographer to be able to produce a portrait of this quality. I don't understand why you would even ask this question. Of course 35mm on a FF frame will give you a lot more distortion when shot this close.

The RX1 is definitely a step up from the RX100 but I don't think it's really that suited for close up portraits as in your posted samples. Shooting faces close up at 35mm with a FF camera will definitely show lots of distortion. Sometimes that can be interesting but it's rarely flattering.

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