TechRadar compares RX1 to FF competition

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Re: My concerns relate to AF; not IQ

DFPanno wrote:

tesilab wrote:

First off, the results are very good. Secondly the methodology is for the time being suspect. Thirdly, I really hope no one buys RX1s to shoot jpegs--that would be a waste. (Though they can be very good!)

There is no indication of whether the tests were conducted at measured or nominal ISO. Getter a better result at the same ISO on one camera doesn't help much if it really requires a longer exposure.

And while it is possible that the jpeg engine is significantly worse, or defaults to worse results than the engine in the A99, there is also no indication exactly what settings they used to produce those jpegs. It could be a matter of different defaults, though there are other possible explanations.

I think you are better off waiting for DxO measurements, though the evidence of your eyes should be pretty good for now.

I think IQ is just fine. Worried the camera will have a high level of OOF images in social shooting.

Parties, etc. Not worried about being able to capture static low-light scenes when needed.

If you want perfect focus at f/2 on moving social subjects in low light you will be dissatisfied.

For me, I don't generally make 30" gallery prints from crops of my social photography.

I am finding the RX1 to be my go to camera this season for social gatherings.

It is small, quiet and the results are excellent without flash.  As with any camera, anticipation will improve results.

Many years of shooting Leica rangefinders have possibly made me either adept at focusing or tolerant of poorly focused images.  Either way, I am obtaining a lot of fine images. I do find the technique of pre-focusing is useful and second nature to me though.

The fixed 35mm focal length will be a significant drawback for some shooting styles.  This is somewhat mitigated by the remarkable rendering of the lens and it's ability to easily focus really close.


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