New 7D Lens choice: 70-300L or 70-200L + 2xTC (Or Sigma version?)

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Re: New 7D Lens choice: 70-300L or 70-200L + 2xTC (Or Sigma version?)

Cajonista wrote:

bigfatron wrote:

As for weather sealing on the 7D, it isn't. Its more tolerant to dust and to the odd spot of rain than the x0D series bodies but it isn't weather sealed in the same sense the 1 series bodies are and I wouldn't stand out in a downpour with one. For instance my brother came back from Singapore and just the local humidity had screwed his 7D up enough for it to require servicing.

Oh - now that's good to know, I'd kind of assumed it was a "fine in the rain and on the beach" level of sealing.

From past experience I'm just a little wary of a max aperture of 5.6 at 300mm, as I've found this very limiting in the past (My Sigma has this, or possibly f/6.3)- BUT would the combination of IS and better high-ISO functionality relieve this?

For example shooting birds or any other wildlife in woodland where it can get pretty gloomy.

What about a 300 f/4 (and a TC as needed? which may be often)

which 70-200 2.8 are you talking about non-IS, IS Mark I? IS Mark II?

The IS doesn't take a 2x TC very well at all and even the 1.4 will make it (and even the non-IS) worse than teh 70-300L at 300mm. The 70-200 II should handle TC better.

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