D600 a keeper, no longer looking for trouble

Started Dec 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
barkingghost Regular Member • Posts: 190
Re: D600 a keeper, no longer looking for trouble

I'm glad you have adjusted to not thinking about this particular issue, but just because there are threads abound chatting about it, some are disappointed that this issue exist in addition to other issues/shortcomings.

Interesting someone else reported their D90 never had an issue so there wasn't anything to go looking for, but others with other models have had issues. But alas it is all about the individual, and I am glad you are enjoying your new camera.

For me, its going to be me stepping up to the D800, or stepping sideways to the 6D. I don't have a lot of glass invested in Nikon right now, but I've used them since 1986 and I do not need a chore of cleaning artificial contaminants in my life. Environmental contaminants are bad enough.


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