My 5D Mark II died today!

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How did this work out? My 5D2 died today too.

MBebber wrote:

I have been having problems with my 5D Mark II not working in the morning. I would remove the batteries from the grip and reinstall them and some times the camera would come back to life. But, usually I would have to recharge them and then the camera would work for a while. When I did manage to get the camera to power up there were no error codes displayed on the top LCD panel.

Today, the camera was dead again this morning, but after fiddling with the batteries it powered up but displayed an ERROR 80 code on the top LCD panel and nothing else works on the camera. I tried removing the grip and powering the camera with a single battery in the camera but that did not help. So, the problem must be in the camera and not the grip.

Has anyone else here had the same problem with their camera? I am thinking I will have to send the camera in to Canon for repair. Of course the warranty ran out two months ago.

I have had an occasion or two where the camera just wouldn't start up. I'd switch batteries and it would work and I figured that somehow I must have drained the other battery by leaving something on. Today, same thing except it hasn't responded to any of the things I've tried in the past or to any of the suggestions in this thread. I left the battery out all day to no avail. Yes, removed the clock battery too. I'm sending the camera to service but curiosity has prompted me to ask you what became of your situation.

One possible difference between us is that I had Magic Lantern on my camera for a brief time before I discovered the feature I wanted didn't do what I needed. During a photo trip, I followed it's uninstall procedure and the program seemed to have been removed from the firmware successfully but I left the software on the CF card because I was in the field when I uninstalled it. The only reason I bring it up is because ML warns during installation that if you do not hold your tongue just right when removing a CF card or a battery or something (just kidding about the tongue thing), you could lock up your camera. I don't think it is ML but full disclosure and all...

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