Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

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Re: Help a noob - how to use legacy glass

mkln wrote:

I found aperture priority with legacy glass and low light to be rather useless because when the camera does not recognize the glass it sets 1/60 as the maximum speed. totally wrong when you have a 50mm or longer lens.

Yup. All the A/E-mount Sonys really need to be able to set minimum shutter speed (or, better yet, the unchipped lens focal length) and ISO range for A and other "semi-automatic" modes... and using S mode is the partial work-around. 

Note that most of the fancy auto modes actually do work on a NEX with legacy glass by just varying the things the camera can control (shutter speed, ISO, multi-shot combining, etc.). It just knows nothing of actual lens aperture and focus distance (which is most often used to help control flash intensity).

One more note: f/1.8 on a bright sunny day can easily be too bright. Most of us former manual-focus SLR users were taught to focus wide open -- that's not the best idea if the lighting is too bright. Focus stopped down can actually be more accurate anyway, because many lenses have slight focus shifts on stopping down... and, unlike an OVF, you don't have a finder brightness issue with the EVF or LCD.

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