Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

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Re: Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

JJ Winkel wrote:

I used my IR CIS for almost 2 years on my R1800 without real problem due to the CIS itself, but as specified before I started the assembly by unpluging the power cord when the head was in the middle position and then carefully studied the tubing length, supporting and fastening by manually moving the head to both extreme positions and then only reconnected power when I was satisfied that the tubing was moving properly without being pulled or rubbed against any printer part. It took a little care and reflection ....

Also what is heard as gear grinding is the print head belt "jumping teeths" if the head is blocked before reaching the far end and the stepper motor not stopping ( sorry for the wording but could not find a better way to describe it ).

The tubes are not stretched too tightly and when the power was off I could push the print head device all the way over to the left side until it hit against something without the tubs stretching. So I think my tube position shoudl be just fine.  That gear grinding must be something that Ink Republic's system messed up my printer with.

About the situation being worse after a head clean, it is more certainly NOT clogs but air locks, you have to remember that ink is not "pushed" into the nozzles but "aspired" by a very mild suction, this is OK with the original carts as they are above the head and ink being fed by gravitation. But with the CIS this is different and only governed by the ink level in the bottles, too low = air locks, too high = ink floods !

But their instructions specifically, several times, say to have the ink bottles on the same table as the printer.  And they are.

In my install after several tests I found that elevating the full bottles by about 2 cm above the table was the overall best position.

Also when priming the carts, take care to leave a little air bubble in the vaccum chamber of the carts ( about half full and not completely empty).

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