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Re: Please Help: Your Critique Needed

I am personally interested only on the content and not on the technological stuff (exposure, grain, etc., all of which can be fixed with some tutoring).

This is a photo of a happy event (family around a Christmas tree), yet it does not bring a warm smile to the viewer's face. That is because:

a) Some of the kids pictured are looking in a different direction as if the while thing bores them.

b) One smiling kid's smile is clearly unnatural as if someone told him "now, smile real big".

c) The adult in the picture does not seem to be too happy about the whole thing.

d) All subjects are lined up in a posed manner like kids in a yearbook group photo.

e) Add something unusual in the composition. How about a family pet, or a just-opened Christmas present that can bring a natural smile to show?

All of these can be remedied next time by NOT posing the subjects but by catching them almost off-guard while they are happy about what is going on. If that is hard (it is, and may take many photos to get one that is good, which is fine since digital photos cost nothing), then try to pose them in some casual-seeming manner and then surprise them with something very funny just at the moment you are about to push the shutter to take the photo.

As for the technological stuff:

a) The subjects' faces should be lit a little more than the background; as is, they fade into the background.

b) The camera is looking at them from above instead of being at their eye level. Try to get the lens at the eye level (or slightly below) that of the eyes of the people you are taking a photo of. In this case that are sitting and you are standing, so you should sit (or lower the lens to an equivalent hight, too.)

d) The all-inclusiveness (all people, the Xmas tree, etc.) is a bit commonplace. Try for a different angle that is not so standard.

e) You need to bring up the non-yellow colors up a bit. There is too much yellow and not much green (the tree) or red or blue. Post processing can fix this partially.

Hope this help

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