Has anybody bought from Panacam?

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Re: Has anybody bought from Panacam?

ryan2007 wrote:

TheEye wrote:

Panacam sells through amazon.com. Has anybody done business with them, and how did it turn out?

I have not. They may be ok.

However, for the $100 you may save when your ready to spend alot of money like $1,000 plus lot of money I would either buy direct from Amazon or shop at your local camera store or go through B&H Photo or Adorama.

It's more like saving $100 on a $400 item, even less since B+H has currently a good price, too.

I believe if you can not pick up the phone and speak to someone directly at any point it can make for a difficult time that one time something small happens and you need support.

I would not buy expensive electronics from any third party on Amazon. The piece of mind is worth $100 to me knowing I have quick and easy support. Amazon will direct you back to them.

The only other thing I would do if your set on buying from them is use Paypal to make your purchase it is sometimes easier to do that. Also, see what presence this third party reseller has on Ebay. If they exist there look at user comments. Again they may be ok, its not my money, but its not for me.

I don't see them in Ebay and there are no reviews of Panacam on resellerratings.com.

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