"Bending Life" - 300 seconds B&W long exposure - Sony a77, Sigma 10-20mm, ND filters

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José Ramos OP Senior Member • Posts: 1,819
Re: "Bending Life" - 300 seconds B&W long exposure - Sony a77, Sigma 10-20mm, ND filters

JoseAntonio wrote:

Incredible image Jose, would it be possible for you to add some info such as how you determined that 300 seconds was the proper time to use, and the 13 stop nd filters - how did you know to use that many stops? I like everything about the image


Hello Jose! Nice name!

Well, the exposure length will depend on the determined exposure before stacking the 10 stop filter. After determining the correct exposure, you just have to follow some basic rules, which you can check here - http://www.genkin.org/apps/ndfilters/ . There are lots of websites with these rules and charts.

Yet, I must confess I rarely use them nowadays, since I started using the a55 (and then the a77). Sony cameras make it all so much easier. Live view works wonders with nd filters, and I currently do it in a very intuitive fashion. Long gone are the times when, as soon as I would stack the 10 stop filter, everything would go black!

Even if you don't yeld a perfectly exposed image, since you are probably using ISO50-200, you'll still have plenty of room in RAW processing to recover shadows or highlights.

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