Look Back in Wonder

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Laurence Matson
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Look Back in Wonder

From the first session with the dogs. Beachbriss Dorian, one of the great ones.

Ten years ago today, if memory serves me, I was fortunate to get my first Sigma camera to a large part due to the courtesy and trust placed in me by Lin Evans. He had bought one of the first sold in the States, decided that it was good but did not want to invest in another system (he has since reformed his ways), and quietly announced that he would be putting it on e-bay. I contacted him, we talked on the phone, and off went the camera. Somehow, I got a payment to him within a reasonable time, but Lin's trust in me made it a quick transaction.

I will confess that I loved that camera from the get go. I could not wait to start taking pictures, but first I had to organize a card reader, charge batteries, and get the software installed. None of this was easy, but the first images were worth it.

I treasured those pictures, and true to form, never threw away one raw file. Unfortunately, I later lost all of the raw files before May 1, 2003, when Norman Koren came for a visit (it was not his fault; we only discussed possible rescues for a catastrophic crash of two disks). But thanks to the posted images, I still have a lot from that period and beyond.

So this is an invitation for you to join me on a month-by-month trip down memory lane. I will put the images I posted on pbase into one gallery for each month for as long as I think it makes sense. Remember this is pbase, so to get to the next images, you have to stay in that gallery.


Enjoy them in the spirit they are reposted. Pixel peep if you want, but rest assured that I know every fault here and have discussed those to death long ago.

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