Aperture or Lightroom and why?

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Re: Lightroom - I don't have to have a Mac to use it

Danielepaolo wrote:

Knuckles 79 wrote:

Had my MacBook Pro now for almost two years. Never a virus.

Now, I also have installed, iAntivirus by Norton on my MacBook. It is FREE on the App. Store. It has never found a virus or any malware though. Knock on wood....

Hey Knuckles. Only bought my first apple product the other day for the kids. iPads, now I will never see them.

With a good virus program you should not get viruses even on PC however the proviso is you are very smart when surfing the net. Many viruses we invite on to our computer, they come packed with programs we install.

Absolutely correct.  I have two programs that I downloaded from other vendors, other than through the Apple Store.  Both processing software from reliable companies.

I also think Microsoft Security Essentials did a fantastic job while I owned Windows products, but I doubt I go back anytime soon.  I love my MacBook Pro.  In fact, I just installed a Solid State Drive, which makes this thing fly......

Your kids are going to love the iPads.  My wife loves hers.  She has a MacBook also, and uses the iPad more than the MacBook.... lol.

I get upset with her though, when she starts having conversations with Siri. 

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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