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Rumour: 'Lowpass-less sensor'...

'rumour' on the 'Fuji-Rumors' site claims that the X20's new sensor will be "...a newly developed EXR CMOS lowpass-less sensor and its viewfinder can display information".

The most interesting thing there, to me, is the term "lowpass-less" which suggests no anti-aliasing filter (like the X-Trans sensor).

An increase from 12MP to 14MP, alone, is not enough to make any significant difference (I might have predicted 16MP) - but the possibility of a 'low-pass-less' design could be 'interesting' (and/or 'problematic') - if true.

CAcreeks wrote:

Below are the only rumor specs with surprise information.

Probably 14 megapixels means 4320x3240 in HR mode, 3072x2304 in DR mode. Hopefully the 24-120/1.8-2.8 lens will be as sharp as the 28-112/2.0-2.8 on the X10.

Minh Ta wrote:

  • EXR CMOS sensor 2/3" with resolution of 14.0 Mps
  • Fujinon lens 24-120mm with large aperture f1.8-f2.8
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