Bald River is the ROAR!!! (several images)

Started Dec 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
capturef22 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,578
You ain't kiddin'!

yp wrote:

Bald River Falls has a lot of roar. As you drive along the river and approach the falls you can hear it before you see it.

This is a series of pics...some maybe should be in the Action forum but I think you'll understand why I put them here....

I'm not sure I do...why here?


Wow-Yvonne--these do it for me! Very cool and very dramatic! I love the compositions. The scale and the drama you captured is great, as well as "just" the scenes themselves. The stop-action is heart-pounding and beautiful at the same time. I think I'm almost as exhausted from looking at them as the kayaker in the next to last image is from running them.

These are awesome--thanks for posting (and taking my attempt at humor well).

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