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Re: a77 final tests

"Have you also tested video shooting capabilities in low light? How do you overcome the challenges? All videos I have shot came out too dark. Thanks for any advice."

Dark videos are a combination of Aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Automatic videos record a f3.5 which is not really wide enough for dark recording.

For dark situations I tend to use my 35mm or 50mm f1.8 AF in manual, Focus Peaking High in Yellow, Exposure comp +2, ISO 800+. Oh and a little help form trial and error. Using the EVF you can see if the video is dark and if the setting need tweaking.

I was out Christmas Eve, recording the Kids at a Garden light display and very pleased with the results.

In reply to Snowshovel 1  "after several months of testing the A77", "I am still learning the a77  I have no complaints". I will have had the A77 a year in 17 days, I am still learning the a77, practice really bring this Camera alive, my latest projects are on the Creative Style settings, at the Ice Hockey tomorrow to see which setting suits.

Oh and for the anti EVF brigade, on my trip around the Garden light display, I was happily shooting away with my 35mm, when two photographers one with a Cannon and one a Nikon came and stood next to me to see what I was shooting. The raised their cameras to their camera to their eye's and I listened to their kit lenses hunting for something to lock onto (it was very dark).

I have been in this situation before, they asked me what I was shooting as the could hear my shutter going. I showed them the EVF with the clear image in it, with the Focus Peaking highlighting my focus area. Then came the immortal words, "but I have hear Sony's are not very good in low light and high ISO's", as I popped the LCD out and flicked through shots on the memory card, I said, "No problem here"

Keep practicing and have fun.

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