OM-D5 w/12-50 or X-E1 w/18-55?

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Re: OM-D5 w/12-50 or X-E1 w/18-55?

Joel Stern wrote:

IrishhAndy wrote:

I would get the om-d but not the 12-50. The XE ! requires a lot of faffing about with to get what you want.

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Take the above as one man's opinion Please. I am quite happy with the XE1 and 3rd party support for PP will be available, that is the only issue for me, AF speed is not a concern for me, if it is for you the oly is said to be faster.

BTW... Take Joel's opinion also as a gain of salt and make up your own mind... As Joel & I are both Stern's, Joel comes from the crazy side of the Stern family! (:-----> )).

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