How can I get a PC to connect to my Apple Airport at home ?

Started Dec 26, 2012 | Questions thread
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k27usa Contributing Member • Posts: 658
How can I get a PC to connect to my Apple Airport at home ?

HELP! I'm trying to get a new PC (that we know has a working wireless card-it works fine at Best Buy) to connect to my home Airport Express network?

It's an older Apple Airport, but I have multiple Mac's of various ages, an iPad, 2 iPhone 4S & an iPod Touch and they ALL connect with no problems.

My daughter has had her friends bring their PC laptops over in the past and they had no problems connecting to our network.

The PC can see the network - it reads the name of it - but won't load any page. I keep getting a "this page can't be displayed" message, and in the windows task bar I can see multiple bars (indicating its connected) but it has the deadly yellow triangle with a ! on it....

I tried calling the manufacturer tech support and they had me delete & re-install drivers, but that did nothing. We took the PC back to Best Buy today and the techs there were able to log onto the internet (google, yahoo, etc) - yet the Best Buy techs said that their in-store wireless router was old & slow.

So I am at a loss to get this PC to connect to the internet.

Any suggestions or thoughts are much appreciated.


Dave B

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