OM-D5 w/12-50 or X-E1 w/18-55?

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Re: OM-D5 w/12-50 or X-E1 w/18-55?

TThorne wrote:

It sounds to me like you already have decent reasons to want the EM-5, so that me be a good choice for you. However...

The "kit" lenses are not comparable in my opinion. The Fuji 18-55 is a lot nicer and I hesitate to even refer to it as a "kit" lens.

The problem here is that the EM-5 loses the full weather proof aspect if you switch to a different lens, unless you spend over 1K on one of the new Panasonic zooms that are weather proof, like the 12-35. I, however, found that lens lacking on an Olympus body due to uncorrected CA.

When people show up in the Fuji forum asking the question you are asking though, it makes me think that there is a part of them that WANTS to be convinced to buy the Fuji, which of course means there is a part of you that really wants the X-E1 despite the EM-5's high ratings and praise. There is a reason you feel that way, but, without sounding too metaphysical, only you can put your finger on that reasoning.

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You will be very happy with your EM5. Also get a fast prime and you are all set.

But if you want super great IQ, color and much better kit lens and you dont shoot too much raw, Fuji is the choice.

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