Used Panny lens on Ebay -- need advice based upon experience

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Re: Whiners

zkz5 wrote:

I had to deal with a whiner like this a couple of months ago. I sold a lens then and got a similar complaint. I bought the lens brand new, used it only a couple of times, took good care of it, and of course never had any symptoms in the actual photos.

There is really nothing you can do but offer a return and hope for a less whiny buyer next time or eat the negative feedback. Ebay and Paypal are biased in favor of the buyer and I wouldn't count on a dispute with them being resolved in your favor... even in spite of the buyer's inability to demonstrate the alleged problem. You just have to figure the possibility of a whiner winning the auction in to your cost of the transaction.

Whenever possible I sell in person on Craigslist. I only sell on ebay if something won't sell in person.

Agreed. I sold a fleece top on ebay a while ago. The buyer wrote me how nice it was, but it didn't zip into clothing he had, and wanted a refund. Anymore, if people are not satisfied, I just tell them to return the item. I gave him a full refund. He then demanded his return shipping. I refused. He filed a claim with Paypal, saying the item was not as described. I send Paypal emails showing the buyer had never said that to me. Paypal ruled in the buyer's favor anyway, much to my surprise. Ebay doesn't even allow leaving negative feedback to buyers.

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