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calson wrote:

It is ill advised to use Windows 8 on any computer you need to have running. Support is not provided by Microsoft and little support is going to be available from computer manufacturers, software application companies' technical support people, or from tech forums. No one who provides computer support professionally would migrate users to any Microsoft operating system until Service Pack 1 was released and fully tested with all the applications in use at their company. Anything else is career suicide.

I am still getting weekly security patches from Microsoft for Windows 7 which shows that this OS is either not "mature" or has the same vulnerabilities of all preceding versions of Windows which share the same flawed architecture.

Weekly security patches on your Windows 7 machine?  Really?

With exception to zero day fixes, Microsoft releases new security patches once a month on the second Tuesday of the month.   This day is known as "Patch Tuesday."  So far they have released around 83 security bulletins this year, which has been less than previous years.  I have seen years where over 100 security bulletins have been released.  These security bulletins include Office as well as some Server only software and not every bulletin effected Windows 7 (some were Windows XP/2003 only, etc.).

Now throughout the year they may issue a re-release of an older patch that might fix a compatibility issue (ie, print services, etc.) or update some root certificates on the machine, but that is about it.

Keep in mind this is not including any reliability, compatibility,  performance, or feature improvement update patches they may release.

Are you sure you are not receiving the definition updates that Microsoft releases a couple of times a week for Windows Defender and MSE?  Or maybe you have Windows Update set to also update other Microsoft products like Office, Silverlight, or .NET that you are receiving updates for?

If you are receiving security updates weekly, then there is some cause for concern.  My Windows 7 boxes haven't received updates that frequently save for the MSE updates.  Now my Windows 8 machine receives updates about every other day, but they are new definitions for Windows Defender.

Windows 7 is quite a mature product.  Built off of Vista and then greatly improved, it has had enough years to be established as a solid product.  Even though I am enjoying Windows 8 on my main desktop at home, Windows 7 is still probably one of my favorite versions of Windows based on how solid and stable it was from day one compared to previous versions.

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