My friend has a $500 budget for a Canon or Nikon DSLR

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Re: My friend has a $500 budget for a Canon or Nikon DSLR

I told her to avoid the kit lenses

Why would you do a thing like that? Thats just silly! That implies there is something inherently wrong with kit lenses, and there is not.

because I have owned the 18-55mm IS, the 18-135mm and the 18-200mm. I also first drove a Chevy Monza and now I drive an Audi TT. So you can praise the kits and Monzas all day but I know the difference beyween a 3.5 to 5.6F lens versus a 2.8 and better. Yes they both take "good" pics but there is a reason they sell bodies only,

Yes the kits are acceptable. But ill take a used 2.8F Tamron over a new Canon 3.5-5.6 kit any day, and I'm advising she do the same.

My wife has an XSI, it's pretty good, but her 18-55mm is junky...

That is a great lens capable of producing wonderful pictures in the hands of a knowledgeable photographer

"Junky" refers to the build. I own L glass, I have seen the light brother.

So we'd rather go older used camera to get the next level of glass.

'Next level'? I'm not so sure your thinking is is solid on these matters. Modern so called 'kit lenses' trounce the lenses I used on my first SLR's - and those early SLR's took great pics.

I am suspect of these shots from the 'junky' kit lens. If you or she cannot make good photos with the XSi and kit lens - you won't be able to buy into a solution.

next level means 2.8F. And not "plastic" feeling with a crappy tiny focus ring. Are you really going to praise Canon's 18-55 all day?

she is open to Nikon. Doesn't care if it shoots video.

Any other suggestions?

Yes, have your friend go to a camera store and hand hold all the options to see which one 'feels' right. Good luck.

of course, that's advice I always include. Thanks.

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