Photographer Has $2,000 in Camera Gear Go Missing After a JetBlue Flight

Started Dec 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
Doug J Veteran Member • Posts: 9,320
Re: Who checks a bag with $2k of gear in it?

drteng wrote:

Unfortunately depending on what you're traveling with, sometimes you do just have to check expensive luggage. Everyone travels differently of course but considering the absurd security measures in airlines now, they could afford to improve the security of checked luggage.

If they can afford to put all the customers through that security, they can put the far more limited staff that handle baggage through some brief security as well.

It's unfortunate that travelers cannot trust airlines, baggage handlers or some government employees to take care of their belongings, let alone not open bags and steal. Decades ago, travelers' concerns were more focused on checked baggage damage or lost bags, times have certainly changed.

Pro photogs frequently deal with this, and are more likely to check, plan and ship their gear ahead of time.

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