So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

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Re: So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

rrr_hhh wrote:

Eric Perez wrote:

I'm still amazed at the reach of the GH2 with ETC. I am buying one just for the video and the 100-300 will be an amazing tool, 1560mm equiv !! wow. Even the standard is 600mm equiv, which is what I will be using for lowlight video of course, but wow what a reach for such good IQ video. I am already dreaming about my moon clips and candid street video. I love my K5 but this thing is going to be crazy good lol

Well, this is a zoom and not that good at the longet end. Plus there are also squite a lot of sample variation. Mine is not good at all after 250mm when I'm shooting at distant subjects. Plus it is very difficult to use handheld.

Be sure to get ne with right of return and test the lens carefully to be sure that you have a good copy and that it does what you expect : hoping to use it at the long end for lowlight video may be a little too optimistic, especially with ETC. at the long end, the 100-300mm loose a lot of contrast and focusing becomes more difficult, with more hunting and false focus confirmation.

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I see. My other option was the 45-200, which would be 1120mm equiv with ETC. Contrast is important too, sharpness was the real reason I was looking at the long glass though. However if the AF is hindered too much in these massive magnifications, I may take a look at larger format lenses and see what I can find to fit MFT. I won't buy the adapters with built in rings because I may end up buying different brands of glass for it and I don't want to shell out 200-300$ for each different mount. I will likely go for the $25 adaptalls and find FF lenses with aperture rings. Perhaps I can find some youtubes with the 100-300 and see if it is within my standards.

Yea I had ruled out ETC for low light as you lost most of the sensor's light, that would be strickly for daylight. But even the double FL of the MFT format offers some great zoom ranges. I have only dabbled with video but I am very excited to test out some longer lenses.

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