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Guy Parsons
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100% agree with Photobeans....

jalywol wrote:

photobeans wrote:

I agree with you on every point. Having shot SLRs with optical viewfinders since the 90s, the act of shutting down the left eye down and cringing the right eye to peer into the viewfinder is sort of "unnatural" and tiring to me. Using the LCD to compose and shoot is really the way it should be. Yes, LCDs can be difficult to deal with in sunlight but there's only a few times in the last decade I felt it was problematic.

Yes, and in my case film SLRs since 1960 to 2002 and using LCD from 2002 was a revelation. No more face hiding, actually being able to see the scene and what might intrude etc etc are all good reasons to learn to accept the rear screen as way more natural to use.

Wait til you start to need reading glasses. 15 years ago I would have agreed with you. Not anymore!!!-J

That's exactly why I wear glasses with triple focus zones, absolutely no problems at all, never need to pop glasses off my eyes. Just get the prescription updated when the close focus starts to wander a bit further away. For me now at age 71 that seems to happen about 3 years apart.

Aside... I do own the VF-2 for my E-PL1 and after some initial enthusiasm I now find that I very rarely use it. I just hate to plant my face against the camera. But of course for some awkward angle work and if (extremely rarely) mucking about with adapted lenses then the viewfinder does help with careful manual focus.

Regards...... Guy

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