Possible BIG problem 16-50 with Nex 6!

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Re: Possible BIG problem 16-50 with Nex 6!

> Actually I found the lens to be surprisingly sharp ........when I manually focused or did not use PDAF auto focus by keeping it at aperture 6.3 or smaller (7.1..8.0...etc....).

It is for this reason (6.3 or smaller) I found the problem to be less limiting than I thought.  The only focal length where I found this back-focusing issue was 50mm.  Though I never tested at multiple focal lengths (as I stated earlier) to find the focal length where this issue begins to assert itself, I do know that at 16mm the effect totally disappears (or is within the range of the DOF).

At 50mm there is exactly 1 aperture available (5.6) where PDAF is used.  So, in your trek through NYC, were most of your shots wide open (5.6) and at 50m?


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