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Re: X-E1 Tips and Settings

Logidelic wrote:

My tip: Turn off image preview.

Originally I thought it was harmless because you can half-press to get out of it. However, even with the half-press, the camera is much slower at letting you get to the next shot when image preview is turned on. I was missing plenty of shots and getting annoyed. With image preview turned off, it's a much better experience.

nixda wrote:

That's a trade-off, in my experience. Being able to check whether I got the shot without having to go into review mode is worth it for me. I might miss some shots, but I also know sooner if I got the shot. IMO, putting that into the Q-menu and making it a custom-setting option would be great, so that one could switch more quickly.

I totally agree, which is why I had it on originally. Coming from an SLR/OVF, this was actually one of the things I thought could help me become a better photographer (instant feedback about the photo once you take it).

However, I'd just like to be clear, that the delay here is greater than you might expect and I don't think there's any good reason for it. I consider it a bug. If it were just a matter of doing a half-press and being back in the normal real-time EVF, then I think it would be a normal trade-off, but as it is, it takes time to switch back to normal shooting, even after the half-press.

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