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Klaus dk wrote:

Rassilon wrote:

How do I turn on the EXIF in my pictures? I do not see an option for that.

The EXIF is embedded in the picture, you may have lost it in editing. I have no experience with Lightroom, so I do not know if that is where you lost it. It is visible in DPP if you right clik a picture and on the menu clicks "Info". On dpreview it appears in a black box in the lower left part of the picture on mouse over.

I looked at my Lightroom settings for exports and it was set to show no information.  I assume it did strip the EXIF although it still shows it when IN lightroom.

As for the white balance, I used AWB since manual was not working well for me. In Lightroom, I just used the eyedropper to adjust the WB. The tripod was stable and hardly any breeze but after each shot, I turned the camera just a little bit to get some overlap of the previous image.

The problem with night shots is, that they are lit with ligths of all kinds of colour temperatures, so there is no right or wrong, only what you yourself prefer. As a starting point try incandescent, as this is the most yellow/orange setting and it will give you a blueish sky.

Also try to expose manually. This will give you the control you need. It really is not that difficult, and you will get a much better understanding of exposure.

Shoot RAW. This will give you more headroom when adjusting WB and exposure in post processing.

I do shoot only in RAW but I find it very difficult to find a focus for that distance using manual.  What I ended up doing was using auto focus and then locking it.  I just cannot tell if I should be zooming in on the city or having it far back or what.  No matter which way i go, the pictures are to close or way to much sky and water.

The lens is a Canon 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 EFS IS, Macro lens and 0.45X 58MM HD lens (I assume its a wide angle lens).

Loose the 0.45X. You will never in your life get a sharp picture with that screw-on thing, and it is not rectilinear, so stitching pictures taken with it is a nightmare. The only joy you can get from it is if you give it to someone you hate.

The Canon 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 EF-S IS is a very affordable and rather well reviewed lens. If you need wider, buy yourself a real wide angle lens like the Canon 10-22mm!

Thank you for the tip about the 0.45X.  i have taken it off.  Do you recommend a telephoto lens like a 2X or 3X?  i am waiting for my new lens to come in Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 F1.8 II.  it is my second one since my first one got stuck on my camera and i had to break the bottom of the lens  to release it from the camera.

One last question: did you compress these a lot? With a camera of this quality, the output deserves to be preserved in high quality. If your files are to big, throw away those that are not keepers. I know it is hard, but if the need to save disk space makes you compress the keepers so hard that they are no longer keepers, you could have thrown away the whole thing from the start.

Try again, it may be difficult, but not impossible.

The only thing I did was export them to JPG.  The last picture I uploaded was compressed to 1.5 megs though.  I usually export them and delete the CR2 files.  Should i do the reverse?

Thank you

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