SX-50 - Low light / Action shots - disappointing

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Re: SX-50 - Low light / Action shots - disappointing

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Very strange. 1/125 sec would indicate sufficient light. Has the camera been performing well in normal light? Around 6pm, have you also tried a higher ISO?

Using noise reduction and resizing down is about the best thing you can do with that photo.

Guess that the OP was shooting in Manual mode, and for some reason chose to severely underpose the image so that it "came out pitch black". No wonder that it doesn't look good.

The problem with these very pure white birds is they just blow out if you expose the background properly. I have tried to photograph a cattle egret with a compact, which is all the SX50 really is at its core, and it was just not possible to balance the exposure. They really do need a broader dynamic range and working well at high exposures which you are not going to get with any smaller sensor. This sort of picture is testing the camera to extremes and I really do not think is indicative. Any machine has its limits.

I expect as you have feather detail on the bird you had point exposure on it and the result is an overall underexposed picture and the white balance has gone askew also.

Yes, all cameras have their limits, but don't underestimate the small 1/2.3" BSI-CMOS sensor. In the right light (and the right hands) the results can be surprisingly good. You can for example take a look at some of Kenn Threed's images in this post :

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