Sigma 35mm 1.4 outresolves 5d mark to @ f/2.0

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Re: Bought the Sigma 35/1.4: some thoughts on the D800E

anotherMike wrote:

I'll try to get back to me more testing in a few weeks if I can fit it in.

As for AF fine tune: Of my lenses, my 24-70 and 200/2 were sent in for AF calibration, and when they came back, they are dead on with my D700 or D800E bodies in terms of AF accuracy. My 14-24 was always spot on, my 50/1.8G and 85/1.8G are spot on, and my 35/1.4G is spot on, as is my 70-200/2.8G VR-II. I haven't run any AF fine tune tests on the 24/1.4G or my 105/2 DC - the 105 has always given me issues, but the 24 has seemed okay in real life. But it would be a pretty wild shot statistically if my body were off, given how many of my lenses are spot on with it. But that's why I want to try the Sigma tune-the-lens-via-software approach - that would be REALLY cool if it works, and hats off to them for being the first to have something like that.

Impressions of the Sigma so far are quite positive - for the price, it's a bloody steal. I don't think even Canons rumored 35 L/1.4 series II will be able to get much better. The bigger question is how the lens holds up over time, and of course if the scenarios one shoots are good fits for the Sigma or one of the other quality 35mm options out there.


Outstanding reviews, anotherMike.    Very well done.    It appears that overall, the Sigma 35 1.4 may be a better value than the Nikon 35 f1.4G.    Another 35 lens to, perhaps, consider is the older Nikon 35 f2 D.    I know it has its detractors, but stopped down a little I find this lens to be absolutely tack sharp with great contrast and rich color.    And it is relatively inexpensive.    Just a thought.    Again, I know that not everyone concurs with my assessment of the 35 f2D lens.

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