Would You Buy AN Olympus E-P3?

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Re: Would You Buy AN Olympus E-P3?

I've been a long time E-P2 user and absolutely have loved almost everything about that camera.  For me the autofocus was the limiting factor.  Chasing two kids with the e-p2 is not an easy task.  However, image quality, at least for me, has never been an issue.  Since I've had the e-p2, my D700 has pretty much stayed in the closet and is only used for paid work.

On monday, I saw an e-p3 (w/ 14-42 lens) on craigslist and I bought it for $375.  I can honestly say that the improved autofocus alone made the purchase worth it.  I also LOVE the focus touchscreen capability.  It's everything I loved about the e-p2 plus the improved AF I wanted.

Additionaly, I actually used the pop up flash a bit and found I got some pretty good results.

This is a camera that will last me a long time!!!

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