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I dont see anything wrong with people selling off their systems and then returning here to tell us how they feel now that they have done that. Of coarse grass is always greener and the data has to be taken with a grain of salt but useful information does emerge. I also dont mind the post comparing pricing vs performance vs manufacturer...the truth is the a99 is over priced in a world where the D800 and D600 exist and without people contrasting the two cameras, systems, and pricing scheme how would the uneducated know? Its good feedback for Sony as well, maybe they didnt realize how purposely deleting tethering at a camera level would effect prosumers. Then there is the flip side where the Sony fans get to espouse the benefits both tangible and not so much of the SLT systems and how THEY feel about the trade offs in IQ vs functionality...Both sides of the debates are represented here and ultimately while post may make you insecure about your choices or the price you over paid for equivalent tools ultimately when it all shakes out the entire photographic community regardless of chosen system does have a net gain with the free flow of information its up to the end user to cull and arrange this data in a meaningful way to THEMSELVES....

Many times on here I have heard its the photographer and his skillz that determine the level of work and thats true but only one direction. A crappy photographer cant get a compelling pictures consistently regardless of system, body, or lens a GOOD one CAN get better results with the best systems, bodies, AND lenses all other things being equal. its just physics if a camera performs better for a given task than it just does and photographers skilled enough to take advantage of that hardware advantage will get better photographs....SO while we shouldnt use gear as an excuse to strive to be better photographers at some point gear is a constraint....your not going to get 500mm F4 level pics with a 6.3 Sigma given the same photographer, same lighting ect ect your just not the use of higher ISO alone or narrower aperture to attain the same level of sharpness ect but at the expense of detail and bokeh....say what you want but at some point GEAR is ALWAYS a constraint even when your talking the PROS here.......So its a straw man argument that gear shouldnt be a focal point in conversations on this the same time everything it better in moderation and photographers should work on improving themselves as much as they demand from their vendor of choice......

I sold my Canon 7D for a Nikon D7000 ( just to TRY the other side ) because my A77 just cant match it in terms of wildlife but I post my pictures here because I learned here, still have hope for the Sony system, and most importantly have come to RESPECT the photographers here and strive to be half as good as most of them. The photographers on this forum that contribute routinely are highly skilled and have my utmost respect especially when you factor in they ARE mostly likely using inferior gear and dont use that as an excuse......As a side effect I think they are even more knowledgeable as a whole because using Minolta/Sony effectively kind of REQUIRES that one has a little deeper mastery and attracts the type that takes things a level deeper because the fact they didnt go the Canikon Sheep route to begin with tells one something about their base personalities.....

Its interesting but let the flow of information continue unchecked we are all in control of what and how we assimilate data. I have been vocal about the A99 price because by any objective reasoning in a world where the D800/D600 exist it IS and everyone knows it including Sony and Nikon, I have been vocal about the a77 tethering being stripped and was so appreciative of this community giving me a quick work around for an event that I was able to use on short notice, I now that I can walk have started contributing to the wildlife threads with my D7000 because my a77 is inferior ( not unusable ) to my style and opportunity for wildlife shooting because I really enjoy and respect THEIR pictures, at the same time I shot with my a77 and enjoyed it over the holidays.....Each system has strengths and weaknesses, each camera within a system has its best uses, each system has a camera/lens combo that works for a specific shooting scenario and is the most price/performance effective and people comparing that on forums doesnt threaten ME at all even if I paid double to have Sony on my camera ( my how times have changed ) I would welcome view points make a decision and live with it.....

I must say though there are more photocentric forums if you dont want your purchase decisions threatened or called into play, I cant imagine why you would call for moderation of gear heads talking gear on a website that doesnt do "how to be a better wedding photographer" but does do constant GEAR reviews......I think YOU may have the wrong expectations for these forums but I do agree I enjoy learning all I can from Gear heads and Artisans of light as well....

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