Which Movie Editing Software to opt for as a Newbie????

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Thanks for the Vegas editing follow up

Sky, thanks for the follow-up! Seems like it is time to upgrade our copy of Vegas to the latest release. (The MOV work-around is now a FAQ on the web.)

skyglider wrote:

After about a week of editing using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12, I can report that I did not have a single crash or hiccup. I edited 720p mp4 files downloaded from YouTube and 720p mov files from our Canon Elph 500HS camera. Vegas Movie Studio accepted the Canon mov files with no complaints. There is no degradation in picture quality at all in the edited videos.

One thing bears clarification. The supported video files for Vegas Movie Studio does not list ".mov" files. But mov is just an envelope and the Canon mov files from the 500HS are actually H.264 videos which Vegas does support.

I applied audio leveling (compression) to the low audio levels on some of the youtube videos and it was really easy to do once I learned how to do it. Just a couple of clicks does it. It will make soft portions louder while maintaining louder levels, while raising the volume of the entire audio clip to any level I want. I rendered the edited 720p MP4 videos to M2T mpg files using Vegas Movie Studio. Made a DVD using DVD Architect and the video quality on our 46 inch Samsung HDTV set is amazing.

I applied color correction to two outdoor sunny videos shot with our Canon camera when I forgot to change the indoor tungsten white balance to auto white balance. The color correction is amazing and works really well. Everything is viewable in realtime previews. The Canon mov videos shot outdoors with auto white balance look great straight from the camera.

I don't know about all of the specific things that you mentioned above, but I'm confident that Vegas Movie Studio 12 will do everything I need to produce DVDs with really excellent video quality to meet and exceed all of my expectations. I don't have a Bluray burner so don't plan to burn Bluray discs in the foreseeable future. Two hours of 720p DVD quality is more than enough for any of our home videos so we won't have a need to burn Bluray discs for home use.

Best regards,

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