IQ, old F20/30 vs. XF1 (I a should have asked it this way before)

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The trouble with Auto DR ...

danny_only wrote:

I also use similar easy/leisure settings when shooting my F200exr (and F300exr), almost 99.9% of the time.

  • P Mode
  • M Size
  • Auto DR
  • Auto ISO400 for good light, Auto ISO1600 for poor light

The trouble with Auto DR is that it sometimes chooses 100% or 200% and blows highlights.

I don't see the point of that, because in M size, 400% is no noisier than other settings. And DR 400% gives you that wonderful S-shaped tone curve that we always adored in the bad old film days.

The X10 was better in L size than previous F models, indicating that Fuji improved their EXR algorithms. It would be interesting to test the XF1 and perhaps current F models.

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