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Re: Don't ditch a lens model because you don't like your own copy.

Paul De Bra wrote:

Sovern wrote:

The 17-55 focal length can be made up with a few steps forwards or backwards. I gave the 17-50 a whole month and compared to the 50 1.8 II that I sold it was not nearly as sharp, the colors were more bland, and it wasn't as fast.

The 17-55 focal length cannot be made up by zooming with your feet as it changes the perspective and it will often kill you because you will fall off a cliff.

Don't compare the non-Canon 17-50 with the Canon 17-55IS. I compared the 17-55 against the 50 1.8 II. At f/2.8 the 17-55IS was wide open and the 50 1.8 already stopped down and yet it was very hard to notice a difference, even when viewing at 100%. The 17-55IS is an outstanding lens. The third-party knock-offs cannot compete with it and giving your opinion about a 17-50 does not say anything about the image quality of the Canon 17-55.

I'd rather have say a 35F2 and an 85 1.8 and possible a 50 1.8 and just use the 35mm or 50 1.8 as my main lens when shooting general photography on crop and switch to the 85mm when you need that extra zoom and/or isolation.

Switching lenses can be done very fast if you have a good technique.

People with a 17-55 must hav a very different shooting style. I used the 17-34mm range the most by far and your setup would not have that.

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You must shoot different stuff than me. I never found myself using anything below 28mm on the 17-50 and I was almost always at 50mm and craving a longer focal length. For me the perspective difference from 27 (crop quiv. of 17) and 80mm is no a huge deal especially once you get to 35mm. A few steps back or forward would not kill me shooting portraiture.

I'd rather have 1-2 primes for half the cost that are much faster and have better bokeh/background separation ability's, better optics, better build quality, and better low light.

I'm guessing you shoot landscapes.

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