Upgrading a EPL-1 to what?

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Re: Upgrading a EPL-1 to what?

Bryan E wrote:

I got an EPL-1 when the first came out, bought the 14-150, and panasonic 20mm. I was pretty excited about the whole package for a while but then it started to fade a bit and I found myself to spend less time with all the lenses and never take the 20mm off. I think the complexity of the controls was a bit too much for me and I'm not terribly excited about the 'user experience' with the EPL-1.

I'm thinking of changing something - either selling the whole package and going with something simpler, or get a new body. I went into Sammy's the other day and without much hesitation, the salesman said I needed to keep my lenses and just get the E-PM2. He also showed me the Sony RX-100 which I was really fascinated with because of its size.

Im up for doing some research, but I was wondering if any of you can recommend a few other models to look at. I think big on my list would be ease of use as I have found that although I really do enjoy nice pictures, I don't really have the patience to mess with settings while traveling and moving around. I'd be happy to switch brands if this was needed.

You don't enjoy the e-pl1 due to the lack of controls. A year ago I was contemplating either the e-pl1 or a used e-p1. I went with the E-P1 because the camera was such a joy to hold and use. I use the upper dial to set my aperture, and the rotating dial to set my exposure compensation. The super control panel is also a breeze to use when I need to change the ISO.  I take the e-p1 with me everywhere I go, and leave my Nikon DSLR at home most times. You also need more lenses. The 20mm is a great lens but the 45mm f1.8, and 25mm f1.4 are a joy to use and both can produce stunning images/bokeh.  These two lenses put the 'fun' in the m43 experience.

In my opinion, the body and lack of premium prime lenses is hindering you and the e-pm2 isn't going to remedy that. I would suggest an e-p3 or om-d em5 if you want to change bodies

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