X100 sRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: X100 sRGB or Adobe RGB

Rand 47 wrote:

Ryan Williams wrote:

It still matters as you can't have an image without it existing in some kind of colour space, however the RAW itself contains no such info — only once it's brought into a RAW processor will it be assigned a profile, so in Lightroom that'd be sRGB.

Other processors may vary in what profile they use, and it's even possible the X-mount cameras could embed a meta/EXIF into the RAW file which tells the RAW processor which profile to use if it supports that option, though I doubt this is the case.

If you are saying that the native colors space for LR is sRGB, that's incorrect. LR uses ProPhoto RGB when working with RAW files. You may, of course export w/ whatever color space your image needs for its intended display mode.

A good reason to work in a large color space with RAW files is that you retain flexibility and don't throw away color information that you can never get back. Your display needs may not be able to display it now, but who knows what the future holds. The Apple retina display is close to Adobe RGB now, so sRGB is already an obsolete and too small color space for retina devices. And if you work in sRGB and someone ends up wanting a nice print of your image, well it won't be as good as it could have been, potentially, because you trashed color information that current printers can print.



No, I said for all intents and purposes it's sRGB. To be precise, it uses Melissa RGB which is a modified version of ProPhoto RGB that has the same tonality as sRGB.

Something that I'm not sure everyone understands is that colour profiles go well beyond simply allowing more colours — they can completely change the tonality and colour signature of a photo. For example, all of the X-series film simulations are colour profiles that're baked directly into the JPEGs. So using different colour profiles can have a DRAMATIC impact on how your photo looks.

In a perfect world this wouldn't be an issue because profiles are meant to embedded into files and then viewing software would show the photos using that profile. But this takes us back to my previous post: much software ignores colour profiles altogether and shows in sRGB. This includes many web browsers — the very software most of our online audiences will be using to view our photos.

So this brings me back to my original point: use sRGB or you risk people seeing them with wildly different tonality to what you intended. A wider gamut is only really useful for printing as the existence of things like 'retina displays' is completely negated by the fact that much software won't use the profiles anyway.

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