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Re: Best healing/cloning for Mac

Paul Szilard wrote:

I need advice. I moved across to Mac this year (2012) and I use LR 4.x and DXO. Also have Aperture, but don't actually use it much - got it out of curiosity.

The one thing that eludes me is a real good way to remove object in photos, you know, like telegraph poles, etc. If this is my primary desire, do I need to by PSCS6 or would Elements 11 give me as good a functionality? Or are there any other products out there to consider?

Lastly - in a nutshell, what other benefits would I get from CS6 over Elements, especially if I am "normally" happy with LR?

Thanks in advance, and forgive me if I hadn't trawled for hours to find answers to this. If you can point me to a good URL, then please do so.

All the best for the Christams to all...

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Elements 11 has some good tools like the content aware healing tools. It also has the newest selection tools from CS6. Personally I like to layout of Elements 10 better though. The cloning tool in Elements works well too. You really do not need CS6 unless you want to use some really advanced tools and techniques or need to work in 16 bit color or use different color modes like CMYK or LAB.

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