Considering a move from NEX-7 to 6D, care to comment on my rationale?

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Re: Considering a move from NEX-7 to 6D, care to comment on my rationale?

Glad I am not the only one thinking along these lines and lurking in here. I have been on a similar journey through m4/3 and Fuji. Absolutely love my X100 but the thing that keeps holding me back from the X-E1 / X-Pro is the strong feeling that its a lousy 1st gen basis for a system camera no matter how wonderful the X100 is.

At one point about 10 months back my kit was an E-P2, the 45mm f1.8 and the Pany 20mm. The classic old 40/90 twin lens kit. In terms of lens use I reckon in all honesty 90+% of what I would l shot is covered by those 2 focal lengths, everything else is more in the pre-planned purpose bag, something I want to do badly next year as I live 5 min from an RSPB nature reserve . So here I am looking for something under a Kg with a walkaround lens on, has good compact options for 40/90 sort of focal lengths but can do the more specialised stuff which for me was where m4/3 was a huge failure IMHE compared to a DSLR. Arguably there are plenty of cameras that could fit that bill but the 6D seems like particular sweet spot to me. Like the OP I always used focus and recompose but being able to quickly hit a button then flick a wheel to move across to another focus point means I will likely do just that. The Canons are attractive because they seem to make all these things real shooters do day in day out fairly straightforward and logical. I just don't get the design decisions Nikon make which means the more I study their cameras the less attractive I find them. I have never bought a Canon camera but the 6d might just swing me that way.

A quicky point food for thought:

Here in the UK today one can buy a 6D, the 40mm discussed above and the 85 f1.8 for under £2K. The weights mentioned are 770g body, 130g for the 40 and 425g for the 85, and would fit in a nice small bag like a Hadley or similar

The Fuji X-Pro is 450g for the body, the 35mm equivalent lens doesn't exist yet but is likely to weigh well over 200g, the 60mm f2.4 weighs 214g but their portrait lens again when it arrives will likely weigh much more, probably double due to the f1.4 aperture. The total weight might end up being only slightly less than the Canon kit I describe but one thing is for sure this kit will cost more than £2K.

Buying into Canon also means I could experiment with secondhand TS-E lenses or fast teles at fairly low risk of loosing much money. These lenses don't even exist for the systems being discussed in this thread.

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