Shooting moving subject (walking) at f/1.8 - poor hit rate in indoor light

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Re: Entire fram with AF point shown

First, I suggest that you look at this site to understand DOF. Look up you camera, lens and distance to subject. At 1.8,the DOF is .44 feet and even at f8,  total DOF is 2 feet.

At 1.8, even the most skilled photographer would have an impossible time with this shot.  Also, can you please give us the full shooting parameters of this photo. Primarily, the shutter speed of the shot. This looks like so many that I have.  The most important item to discuss when shooting movement is shutter speed. At 10 ft you can still blur out the background at F4 or F5.6. It's only when you have greater distance to the subject does the blurring minimize, and that's when you can use wider apertures. The good news is that you'll have greater DOF at longer distances.

Walking subjects are hard to do even in ideal lights and extraordinarily difficult in low light. I'm not very well learned in the AF tracking field. I still get confused with all the terminology. I shoot with AF-C on focus priority. No point is blasting off photos that are not sharp in my opinion. Also, there is no shame in learning flash photography. The SB flashes are incredible and with a little practice you wouldn't even know that you shot it with flash.

It would be great to see the  full specs on the photo.

Merry Christmas.


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