SX-50 - Low light / Action shots - disappointing

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Re: SX-50 - Low light / Action shots - disappointing

Stephen Ingraham wrote:

Auto mode, if that is what you are using, is built around the fact that the majority of images taken with a P&S are of people, and relatively close. Exposure is biased for effective people pics. If you shoot in Program, the camera will probably select a higher ISO for an image like this, and achieve proper exposure...but actually I can think of NO reason the image should have underexposed even in Auto. I am assuming you let the camera choose the ISO??

Once you have an underexposed image, as others have said, there is not much you can do without pulling up lots of noise. Processing out the noise means you lose significant detail. It is most often not worth the effort.

While the SX50HS likes bright light better (as do all digital cameras) it does an excellent job in low light. I think you results are not typical of the camera.

Hi Stephen,

I shoot mostly on Program mode, but this Bird Photo was taken in Shutter Priority (1/125) to compensate for any blur caused by any movement on the bird's part. I believe I set the ISO manually to 400.

Maybe my expectations are a bit higher for this camera - having seen some excellent photos on this forum. Perhaps I need to temper them down - having spent $400+ on this, accepting sub-par image quality on two out of four aspects (Low-light, Action, - Day time and Macro appear OK) is a bit tough!

(Or) as I wrote in a response to Mario V, maybe I wound up with a lemon!



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