I need information on buying a used camera

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Re: I need information on buying a used camera

You could also check camera stores (some of the smaller independent shops).  My first used E-500 was bought at one of them for $215 (USD) quite a few years back.  It was there that they mostly sold Canon and Nikon cameras (I don't think they were as familiar with the Olympus brand).  I was going to offer them $200, but with the battery door open and with some pushing of buttons I found the shutter clicks to be less than 300.  So I paid full price (that is, the $215).  I still use that camera, or at least I did last summer while on vacation.

Later, I bought two more Olympus DSLR cameras (E-500 and E-510) on Ebay.  Both of them were excellent...one for $130...the other for $195 (including shipping).  I got lucky, as sometimes people unload their "junk" there.  I've heard great things about KEH; only have looked at their website, but have never bought anything from them.

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