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Re: X-E1 EVF Image Display Help

stulevine wrote:

Yea, I've had mine for just over 2 1/2 weeks and came across the same issue with back-lit subjects. And, I too switched immediately to spot AE to solve the problem.

BTW, I was actually on the phone with Fujifilm support the other day inquiring about an unrelated issue, and brought up an issue I was having with Multi AE because I thought that the camera was over-exposing my photos. The tech suggested I use the exposure compensation dial instead of switching to Spot AE (in aperture or shutter priority modes). This approach seems to work fairly well in most situations. But, the manual clearly states that Spot is best for back-lit situations. I've also used the build-in flash for this scenario as well (bouncing it off the ceiling by bending the flash back). I first saw someone use this bounce lighting trick on a Sony RX100 with a similar built-in flash.

Yeah, I tried that at first, but it didn't work for me.

i had increased my exposure compensation whilst shooting multi ae, but the preview, which was only attainable by half pressing the shutter, was still under exposed for manual focusing. +2 ev on multi ae for heavy backlit  also produced unpredictable results so I went to shooting manual whilst spot metering was set as the setting. But then spot metering is only centre spot I believe(?) and so I couldn't even then recompose and wait for the right moment... i ended up packing away my camera.

its an otherwise fun camera, but this issue is absolutely frustrating. I am greatly tempted to sell it.

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