I can't accept m43 mount.

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Re: It looks I am different ...

herebefore wrote:

Butchy wrote:

Some of you are saying it is camera attached to a big lens and not lens to a camera. That might be true if you use tripod but not in my case.

Its true ALL THE TIME..

If you find you MUST hold it with one hand while using a heavy lens, then that ONE HAND should be gripping the LENS .

If its on a tripod with a heavy lens, the lens should be the ting thats mounted on the tripod.

You can buy the biggest, heaviest camera you want... If the lens weighs more than the camera, you are over stressing and putting torque on the mount that could eventually do damage..

I fail to see what is so difficult to accept and or understand.

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That is why I am saying I am different and I need sturdy mount and don't like the adapter.

By the way, how would you change camera settings that require two hand operation?

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