Canon 5D Mark III Review & Wedding Setup

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Re: Canon 5D Mark III Review & Wedding Setup

I do understand that the CF cards sport faster write speeds, but I hate external card readers.  I am currently using 32 GB Lexar Professional 800X CF cards, which offer 120 MB/s speeds along with 32 GB SanDisc Extreme Pro SDHC cards which run at 95MB/s.  I highly recommend both cards, which are more than capable of running with the 6 frames per second speed.  Both cards do a great job of clearing the buffer, but the Lexar CF card is noticeably quicker.

The SD slot of the Canon 5D Mark III is crippled so putting a 95MB/s card in there is overkill.

You can use the SD slot for small JPG and put RAW on the CF which is almost 4 times faster in writing data to the card.

The SD slot is more to put a Eye-Fi or an other card in there that transmits small JPG files wireless to a other device.

I assume Cannon put the SD slot in there for this only and a second CF slot would require a second Digic processor like in the 1D-X.

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