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Sailor Blue wrote:

Many people use hot-shoe flash units for studio photography. They work but since they lack modeling lights they are harder to use if you are critical about how you light your subjects. Studio strobes with built-in modeling lights are simply easier to use.

300Ws to 600Ws is a good power range for studio strobes but you can get by with 250Ws for most purposes. If you get a softbox or umbrella with a diffuser surface area much larger than about 1500 square inches then you will need more than 250Ws. I can work at ISO = 100, f/8 with a softbox up to about 2000 square inch with my 300Ws strobes.

Paul C. Buff AllineBee B800 = $279.95, Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT = $629. You can buy two B800's for less than one 600EX-RT, then use the money saved to buy a 64" PLM with the extra money saved. Add $15.95 for a sock and you have yourself a dual purpose light modifier. Buy a second PLM & cover for your fill light. Add a couple of stands and you are set.

Are PLMs and stands too much money? Buy a cheap umbrella mount kit for hot-shoe flash units. You can always remove the hot-shoes and use the B800's. Add a 60" umbrella for standing subjects while one of the 43" ones is used for the fill light.

Many thanks guys, I've been thinking about this a lot, and took the time to watch the links posted also (lit up series and interviews)....

Looking back on my original post I can now see that my intentions were very unclear, I wanted to create a studio space, without considering exactly what I wanted to create. The question should have been asked the other way around.. 'I want to create x, what do I need to be able to do that?'

Truthfully, I'm not certain what I want to create yet, but I do know it's portraiture that interests me, and I want this to be the focus of my work in future, so my kit should be geared towards that.

As this is effectively a hobby, I can add more equipment in as I go (I started about 3 years ago-- and man the costs ramp-up!), so I'm reasonable on budget, as I'd simply save for longer before buying the right kit (like a full frame upgrade ;))

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