E-M5: worth investing in Sandisk Extreme Pro cards?

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Re: E-M5: what is its specified read/write speed?

sderdiarian wrote:

I've looked in the online E-M5 manual and could find no mention of maximum read and write speeds. Anyone know where this info can be found?

From Digicam Help:

"every digital camera is designed to work at a maximum speed that can be determined by checking the specifications in your camera manual. Using a memory card that has a higher read-write capacity than the camera will not improve performance.

For example, if a digital camera has a read-write performance of 20MB/second, using a card rated 90MB/second will not make a difference.

Besides fast write-time, high speed memory cards provide maximum performance when using a high-speed continuous (burst) mode and shooting high resolution videos."

I just bought a Sandisk Ultra 16GB card with packaging noting a 30 MP/second speed, which looked like a bargain for $18, but have now found this is for read only (i.e., downloading photos to your computer) speeds, not write speeds for taking bursts of photos. A reviewer on Amazon using "CrystalDiskMark" actually found a read speed of 20 MP/second, and write speed a relatively pokey 12 MP/second for this card. I'll see how it works in practice, but he noted this is actually a slower write speed than the Extreme III cards of several years back, so buyer beware on Ultra's.

On the SanDisk Extreme Pro 16 GB SDHC Class 10 95MB/s UHS-1 Flash Memory Card, a user review on Amazon posted by 7"7" notes his testing of the card didn't come close to the mfr's claims:

"I shoot either Uncompressed RAW + Large Basic JPEG or Lossless Compressed RAW + Large Basic JPEG and approximately 75% of the time my D800E files transfer at 18-22MB/second. This is no faster than transfers from a Transcend Class 6 card. The other 25% or so of the time I get transfer rates as high as 38MB/second. Better, but pretty poor performance from a claimed 95MB/second card. I have yet to sustain a 45MB/second transfer with my D800E files."

Seems there's a lot of mythology floating around out there on cards and on how meaningful their stated speeds are to real world use for still photography and downloading image files.

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Sailin' Steve

To be able to use a full potential of a card one has to have a proper card reader and computer capable of reading/writing at such speed. I had no problems with getting 45 MB/s which was exactly as my SEP was rated at

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