6D: how to separate metering from focus point?

Started Dec 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: 6D: how to separate metering from focus point?

svmnb wrote:

schmegg wrote:

svmnb wrote:

I noticed that multisegment metering relies heavily on the active focus point. Is there a way to allow metering to incorporate the entire frame instead?

Don't have a 6D, but I'm, thinking you'll be able to switch to Centre-Weighted Average metering. Check the manual.

Right, so probably not an option with multisegment metering?

Not on the 5D3 or 7D. Not sure about the 6D, but I doubt it. The assumption is that you would want to expose 'correctly' for the part of the scene you focus upon. That's usually the case.

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